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How to Set your Water Tank

Thrive Green Ag provides the tire tank only.  Some of our dealers will set tanks for you and others will just sell you the tank and give you some practical advice so you can do it yourself.  If you are working with a NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) office they will often have specifications for you to follow.  Click one of the following to view some specifications from our home county NRCS office:

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    The tire rim hole measures from 33- 63 inches in diameter.  Many of our customers pack dirt and gravel up to the bead in the rim, mix their own concrete and apply 4-5 inches of thickness into the bead of the tire, then cover wet concrete with water to slow cure ensuring a good seal.  However, bentonite, rubber belting, fiberglass or metal plate lag bolted into place and sealed with silicone caulk are also being used successfully.

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