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Benefits of Using Dry Kelp Meal with Animal Feed

The regular use of Kelp Meal as a feed supplement helps increase the utilization of all the ingredients in the complete feed ration, improving the overall health and performance of animals.

Kelp Meal should be mixed in at 2-2.5% of the feed ration. Young animals should receive 1% of the feed ration. Kelp is an excellent free choice animal feed supplement. The animals will eat the kelp when their bodies are depleted of the nutrients and minerals needed, and leave it alone when they don't need it. It will keep the animals very healthy and calm.

Observation by farmers and breeders, as well as controlled testing, indicate the following benefits from feeding Kelp Meal:

Dairy And Beef Cattle

v more efficient feed utilization, less feed required  

v increases regularity of heat cycles

v improves rate of conceptions and healthy births  

v fewer problems caused by dietary deficiencies such as mastitis, retained placenta, milk fever, abortions and infertility. Milk Fever can be averted by feeding Kelp Meal 3-4 months before calving.

v rapid gains for earlier marketing

Dairy Cattle        

v increases milk yield

v increases butterfat content in milk

v increases iodine and vitamin A content in milk

v minimizes production losses during stress periods

v prolongs lactation periods

v increases hemoglobin content in blood

Beef Cattle

v increases weight gains on less feed

v increases loin size

v reduces back fat


v increases weight gains on less feed

v reduces mortality

v better feathering

v increases pigmentation

v increases meat on shanks

Poultry-Layers and Breeders

v increases hatchability of eggs

v reduces blood spots

v increases iodine content of eggs

v increases yolk pigmentation

v reduces coccidiosis

v more uniform shell texture with reduced breakage

v increase laying period in older hens


v increases weight gains on less feed

v increases hatchability of eggs

v lighter meat texture


v rapid gains for earlier marketing

v increases loin length and size

v larger loin eyes

v reduces back fat

v reduces internal parasites

v increases litters


v increases birth rate

v easier lambing

v better quality wool


v increases birth rate

v increases weight gains on less feed, for meat goats

v increases milk yield for dairy goats


v increases fertility in brood mares

v reduces incidence of cracked hooves

v minimizes stable vices and nervous habits

v increases resistance to infection and reduces healing time for injuries

Shrimp and Prawns

v increases weight gains

v reduces susceptibility to disease


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