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Benefits of Using Liquid Fish and

Seaweed with Animal Feed

The most important time to feed the sows is two weeks before she has piglets and for cows two months before calving. Recommended feed applications 2oz. per head per day for cattle and pigs and 1/4 oz. for hens and chickens. Mix in with regular feed.

A. Will increase feed consumption.

To test this, try taking fish/seaweed away for a day & within 24 hours feed consumption will drop off.

B. Will calm down animal, make them more contented.

Flight zone will be cut in half. If cow would move when you get within 10ft., now it won’t move until you’re within 5ft.

C. May be able to reduce or eliminate antibiotics.

Some farmers have reported not needing any more antibiotics after feeding Fish and Seaweed, saving money and labor.

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